WFMU Record + CD Fair. NYC Oct 23-25

Friday to Sunday October 23 to 25

125 West 18th NYC

All the details are here: WFMU Record + CD Fair Includes dealer list and .pdf of the table placements.

This is generally recognized as the best record fair on the East Coast of the US, and apparently rivals the Austin show as the best in the whole of the US. Having never been to Austin I can’t say for sure, but plenty of folks agree.

The great thing about the show is that there is a real mix of folks selling. Sure, there are regular record show vendors from the northeast, but there are tons of others who travel from very very far away to be there. There are also sellers who never do any other shows anywhere and guys who are just selling off their collections for cheap.

$25 gets you in on Friday afternoon at 4pm and for the rest of the weekend. $6.00 Friday at 7pm or Sat/Sun at 10am

Plenty of folks buy from vendors on the sidewalk outside starting as early as 10am Friday.

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