99 cents – 13 boxes of records -1000+ items? – eBay auction – local pickup


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A combination of rain, a collapsed table and bad luck leads us to offer 13 boxes of really nice records for local pick up. Starting at 99 cents for the whole lot. You come here (Saugerties NY) and pick them up. We do not ship. For an extra charge we can deliver (within 50 miles of our location).

These are records that we were planning to sell during our regular Fall record selling season. The batch contains Alt. Rock, Mainstream Rock, RnB, Dance 12″‘s, Metal, Synth Pop, some hardcore, compilations and a few other bits and pieces.

These records are all in plastic sleeves, so the covers are *not* sticking to each other. If you cut the plastic covers off and dry them quickly, you will probably be able to rescue the record jackets. The vinyl is almost all great. Much of the vinyl is unplayed.

A lot of these records came from the collection of a very important long-time NY area radio DJ. As you may know, large collections are often in good shape. The original owner worked in radio from the late 60s to the late 80’s and these record represent his personal archive. He had other records at the radio station to play, so he didn’t play these. There are a fair number of promo only items and white label promos of regular releases.

Note: The boxes are labelled with the designations from my record show sales. They are not entirely consecutive and I have not renumbered them for this sale.

Please do not hesitate to ask me any questions. The eBay auction is here: http://www.ebay.com/itm/99-cent-auction-1000-13-boxes-Vinyl-records-No-Reserve-Pick-up-/161833648408?

Here are a bunch of pictures, followed by videos showing all the records.

IMG_20150915_113939 IMG_20150915_113946 IMG_20150915_113959 IMG_20150915_114136 IMG_20150915_114320 IMG_20150915_114555 IMG_20150915_114601 IMG_20150915_114935 IMG_20150915_115124 IMG_20150915_115133 IMG_20150915_115139 IMG_20150915_115145 IMG_20150915_115205 IMG_20150915_115255 IMG_20150915_115720 IMG_20150915_115730 IMG_20150915_120044 IMG_20150915_120050 IMG_20150915_120052 IMG_20150915_120856
Videos of each box follow. You can see each record go by and even read some of the detailed information on my tags.

Playlist of all boxes:

Individual boxes:

Box 14 (Rock J to L)

Box 10 (Mainstream Rock A to D)

Misc Smaller box

Box D (Synthpop)

Box 01 (Hardcore, Metal, Compilations)

Box X (Misc Alt. Rock)

Box Misc RnB Etc

Box A (12″ dance)

Box Alt Rock Misc

Box 11 (Bowie, Dylan, Beatles, Rock A – B)

Box 9 (4AD, New Zealand and Australia, Rock A to D)

Box 2 (Compilations, Alt. Rock A – B)

Box b (Dance 12″,RnB)